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Do you live in Mobile or the Mobile Bay area?  Then let us help you document your baby's life whether it’s a first word, first birthday, first trip to the beach or first Mobile Bay Jubilee . If you are expecting a new little one or already a parent of a Mobile Bay Baby, this book is the one for you!

In addition, mounting spaces included for the birth certificate, shower invitation, birth announcement and many photos. The crisp cream pages lay flat for ease of use during writing, mounting and viewing.

Mobile Bay Baby Book

    • dedication page
    • family tree
    • my mommy's/my daddy
    • before i was born
    • baby shower
    • my arrival
    • home sweet home
    • first time for everything (milestones)
    • my first year
    • rub-a-dub-dub
    • my first vacation
    • baby's christening
    • happy birthday to me!
    • it's carnival time
    • st. patrick's day
    • happy easter
    • fourth of july
    • trick-or-treat
    • happy thanksgiving
    • merry christmas
    • my first evacuation
    • fairhope arts and crafts festival
    • first moon pie drop
    • first bay bears game
    • first trip to the battleship
    • first mobile bay jubilee
    • first trip to the grand hotel
    • first trip to the beach
    • first trip to Bellingrath Gardens
    • first trip to fairhope pier and park
    • gulf coast exploreum
    • gone fishin'
    • gone huntin'
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